To dad, with admiration!


Featured Website: – For Lovely Tea Times!

Home decor, my first love yes! But without my first morning cuppa, I'm a boring soul wandering here and there aimlessly.  So you can say 'tea revives me'!

My Amazing Find!

We are not alone, I'm sure there are many of you out there who feel exactly the same with tea. Spotted, not today, but at least a month back was this amazing website which all you tea lovers will love alike. Have been stalking it like a shy teenager.





Fabfurnish’s Flat 50 Sale is here!

That time of year is here, when we are bombarded with Sale! Sale! and more Sale! Independence Day and Rakhshabandhan- our excuse to check-all that's pending in our list. So we've tried to make a small round-up of list of things you can buy from the on-going-Fabfurnish's Flat 50 Fale(i meant sale). It is always best to…


Wonderchef Royal Velvet Induction Base Cookware Set of 4 @

Wonderchef Induction Base Cookware!   Amazon's Great Indian Sale is on! Get shopping to claim your products at great discounts. This cookware set of four pieces is one such deal! You can't get a better deal than this, but you really have to hurry as it's already 47% claimed while writing this post. This Induction…



work is fun, work should be fun! If you are one of those who love their work, consider yourself blessed. To make work even more fun and easy, they create these amazing things, and then you don't have an excuse! Wonder, how long these have been around. Ashamed to be so aloof of something so useful and yet never been featured. Look what we have found today- A Lapdesk! Yes, as the name suggests, it's a desk for your lap. Being someone who keeps the laptop so much on lap(which by the way is not good for your health, read here and here) this was a much needed…



Minimal kitchen shelf by Matchless @ 

There are times, when just one small thing is required to really complete the look. Or one small thing to ease usability and functionality around home. We should never underestimate them. I'm an ardent fan of things that are simple, and so is my find for today. It's a small kitchen shelf by Matchless  available at for…

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