To dad, with admiration!


Bamboo Laptop Stand from Tripura @

As I’ve always maintained and mentioned that I instantly fall for simple things, I don’t need to tell you why I’m loving this minimal Bamboo Laptop Stand! That said, I do need to mention that since my early childhood was spent in the north-eastern part of India, I’ve a special affinity for bamboo and cane products- you can say a…



It is that time of the year, yes! Diwali is not just an excuse for us to execute long pending home chores but it is truly that time when we give in our best to celebrate in full fervor. Before Diwali comes Dhanteras , and from that day onward, there is no stopping to celebrations until next 4-5 days. So, what…

ash gray set featured image

Featured Website: – For Lovely Tea Times!

Home decor, my first love yes! But without my first morning cuppa, I'm a boring soul wandering here and there aimlessly.  So you can say 'tea revives me'!

My Amazing Find!

We are not alone, I'm sure there are many of you out there who feel exactly the same with tea. Spotted, not today, but at least a month back was this amazing website which all you tea lovers will love alike. Have been stalking it like a shy teenager.





Edie Rose Hydrangea Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers by Rachel Bilson

 Hydrangea Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers

When we have internet at our disposal, we need to explore, we need to dive in more- ah! well that rhymed. But all I wanted to say is that we must make full use of what's available to us in this wide world of web. We must thrive to get the best.


Plush Evok Amaze Fabric Manual Recliner @ Flipkart!

Beige Two Seater Recliner by Evok So, let’s start by counting our blessings today.  Okay, what??!! Well, just do as I say… let me help you a little- You are standing on a Friday-next three days off!; There’s a super sport going on –Olympics;  You can spend the entire 3 days on this recliner; You…


Fabfurnish’s Flat 50 Sale is here!

That time of year is here, when we are bombarded with Sale! Sale! and more Sale! Independence Day and Rakhshabandhan- our excuse to check-all that's pending in our list. So we've tried to make a small round-up of list of things you can buy from the on-going-Fabfurnish's Flat 50 Fale(i meant sale). It is always best to…

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