these days our only job is to bring you more and more of striped goodness, we can’t seem to be getting bored of it soon. On a lighter note, we just feel that we all should have a few striped products at our homes, they are so cool! We think it would be unfair if we just bring to you one or two posts of what’s available and leave the others to rot. These goodies are so cute, that we our self won’t feel better without sharing these finds with you all.

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Striped seating 

Go for these larger products- seaters can always have  their own corner at home with their own styling accessories, Love the stool and the linen upholstery chair as well. The blue and white simple striped dining chair can a great addition to any home. And the multi-colored ottoman can fit in any setting.

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The versatile multicolor

Or rather get these in addition to other decor items, These are versatile enough to go with most of the things. Personal favorite- the striped recycled blue basket and the striped kitchen bowl with a crow. Stripes in lighting is also a good idea for a little drama to the interior design. And how can we say no to the multicolored candle!

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The classic stripes

Don’t want any complicated designs, go for these simple stripes with white. These stripes aren’t new but they will never be cliché. Rather you can call them classic stripes. We especially love the striped yellow and white tumbler and the nursery decor blue lighting. The simple grey and white throw pillow is also in the wish list. Actually there can be a whole post on these striped cushions, there are hundreds of beautiful ones available.

We still have a lot of striping ideas coming up for you. Next is stripes in an outdoor-setting/garden. Hope you had a good time reading this one as much as we had bringing it to you.

A penny for your thoughts!


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