Warm Earmuffs for Winters

while looking for some warm and stylish in the market, we stumbled upon EarMuffs- they are nothing new, but we somehow paid attention only now. That is because we were surprised at the endless options available. This not only warms you up while out, they are one style statement too. So we decided to dedicate one complete round-up to EarMuffs- Enjoy!

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Blacks & Reds

These at first would look like a girl thing- but if you really explore these could prove to be a completely YO! accessory for guys too. 

We are especially loving all the reds and whites. This is also the case because its that time of the year when you love everything in this combination.

|10| |11| |12| |13| |14| |15|

Other textures, colors, materials

They are available in various materials, styles and colors- Match them with your dress or simple tag them on your nape.

If none of these reasons enough for you to get one, how about this as your headphone(15)?? There are various options in these too.

These small round-ups are slowly steadily inspiring us to finally get cozy and bring in some home decor goodies, as we said ‘ warming-up sessions’.

Hope you are enjoying them.

A penny for your thoughts!

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