that’s Exactly who she is for us..Audrey Hepburn. Someone who is incomparable to any of them. She fit in any role and inspired us all girls to be like her. You say,’ Paris is always a good idea’. We say, ‘You are Paris for us’. She is classy and chic even when she has just woken up. She loves both floral and black & white. 

We know of you for elegance,

We know of you for spontaneity..

We could love a li’l dance with you,

Or invite you to a high tea..

Hey lady of uptown

The zero waist, the wayward smile,

Funny faces of a clown

you makeAll clumsy is your matchless style..

Paris tempt us as

your eyes take us to Eiffel tower.

When we get protective of you,

 You show us all your power..

Bittersweet like dark chocolate,

And as fair as white wine..

You twinkle somewhere in the sky now,

In our hearts you always shine..

If we are asked to decorate home in her style it has to be chic & classy, it can be black, it can be white, it can be all floral but it has to have one common element- elegance! Get inspired with these amazing interiors and get set to go all modish.


If these interiors didn’t inspire you, Audrey’s looks would definitely do the magic. She’ll entice you bring a little of her to your home!

A penny for your thoughts!


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