Floral pattern around home

flowers- since forever has inspired us humans in many ways. Flowers are a complete package- apart from being so beautiful and aromatic- they are spiritual, emotional, and overall create a happy atmosphere with their presence. Some where someone is getting creatively inspired by these beauties. We use floral patterns quite commonly in our home furnishings. But we’ve to be careful not to over-do florals around home- balancing is imperative. See 20 of these beautiful interiors have used floral- and how the balance is maintained through various textures, colors and materials.

|1| |2| This has been the most common place where floral patterns are used- in curtains. Small prints or large ones- is completely your choice.

|3| Here if you notice, not only are the floral designs used in the two main objects, but we also see two different colors and patterns- yet there is nothing strange about the whole look- well balanced.

|4| |5| Two imposing chairs are placed here with flower print upholstery. The main color of the chair in its lighter tint is used along with white on the walls to subdue a bright effect.

|6| Who said flowers can’t be in black and white? We can always have black and white floral prints at home balanced with garden fresh flowers.

|7| Just a few throws here and there in flower prints can do the required magic.

|8| Bringing bright floral designs to hallway or entry is also a good idea- here it is balanced by sober wallpaper in the background and striped rug on the floor.

|9| Somehow we always felt flower prints are for dining rooms- remember those classic table cloths with flower embroideries. 

|10| These modern table tops are new way of bringing flower patterns to our dining tables.

|11| |12| |13| |14|

Another place to brighten up this spring is your bedroom. You can bring garden to your bedrooms in any form- in simple pillows, bedspreads or even rugs. 

|15| Quite imposing is this large patterned wallpaper, instantly illuminating the space.

|16| In lampshades, vases or even in headboards. even a small addition would change the whole feel. 

|17| |18| |19| Its very important understand how wallpapers work for our rooms. once we understand the effect it can have- we can use it wisely on the walls. The above three images would tell you what impact these floral wallpapers can have.

|20| Its true no place is brighter than a garden full of freshness. But how about brightening up your home garden with colored flower prints cloth and cushions on the garden furniture.

Whether flower designs are in or not, these can no doubt lift the spirits if used in right manner. It’s not even required to use a lot of it, just a few accents can do the magic. We feels flowers are a proof that there is magic.

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