Silver and Gold Wallpapers

after all these posts on silver and gold around home, we still know not many of us are not very sure about it. Wallpapers come to our rescue- and with these 20 beautiful wallpapers, you are for sure to fall in love with them. Start by one room at a time, deck the room accordingly and if you like it, take it forward to other rooms. Silver or Gold- completely your choice. You can choose one of them according to the other objects already at your home. Or start afresh with your favorite one. 

|1| |2| |3|

Beige browns and white are the main colors in the above three bedrooms. The gold wall paper finds its place behind the headboard. Taking hints of gold from there, the accents too have tinges of gold here and there mostly on lamps and lighting.

|4| |5|

Gold and blue make a good combination. As we can see in the above two pics, the gold wallpapers take the dominating role with their gorgeousness. In one of them it is used in a subdued manner and in the second its used as a full top to bottom; right to left pattern. 

|6| Loving this home office, loving the diagonal stripes more. How easily even the color like gold is given a casual feel- striped with white.

|7| |8| |9|

We know gold is bold and imposing with black. Whether its gold on black or a little black in gold- the effect is mostly great. And we’ve planned a product round-up of these colors, which hopefully would be great too.


Here is a mix and match of colors, textures and materials all in front of the large gold-leafy gold wallpaper. What do you think of this interior?

silver we feel has an advantage- lesser people are scared of it. More so because it can look grayish too depending on the lighting. More color seem to be going with it because of this tendency.


Here, we see tree pattern in darker hues matched to perfection with wood around it.

|12| |13| |14|

You’d find silver wallpaper many a times balanced with whites even if minimal, whites generally don’t fail to find its place.


|15| |16|

Of course once you’ve white with silver, options of adding more colors are many. We feel, you can have your fave colored throw pillow to accentuate the look.

|17| |18|

Cream and beige seem to be going well with both silver and gold. The final look is very soothing to the eyes as you can notice in the above two pics. The wallpapers in both the images are subtly used to maintain the sober look.


A wall paper doesn’t have to be symmetrical or all over, you can even choose to do a part of your wall as per your liking- as can be seen in the above image- the result is still great. But this kind of wallpapering needs a little planning too, its important to visualize the look of the interior before apply the wallpaper.


Last but definitely not the least loving the textured silver wallpaper. Texture is bringing about a casual feel to the whole look.

Whether silver or gold, they have the capability of all casual, chic or sober looks. Its all about how its treated- textures, colors and things around them can make a lot of difference. Wallpapers are great experimenting tools and with a little trial and error- you’d definitely attain your dream look.

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