it’s an immense pleasure today again as we talk about embroidery and that too on Cushions/Throw pillows which fit in our home decor ideas quite effortlessly. We truly believe as we’ve mentioned before that Cushions/Throw pillows whatever you want to call them, are the easiest and one of the best ways to accentuate the look of any home. If anything, these Indian embroideries have touched that side. We have cushion covers available in all types of embroidery, if not in the original form, we have the…

INDIAN FLAG COLOR- Kitchen Accents!

 Kitchen tools- Orange and Green

Holiday mood on- Shop Chop! 

still in the holiday mood after yesterday(independence day) Well good, because we are going shopping today. With freedom from prices everywhere and discounts raining, let’s add a little beauty to our home. Gone are the days when our kitchen used to have simple steel, aluminum finished products with no ‘good looks’ factor and just a boring dutiful usability. Now we have beauty with purpose and cooking is no more boring. Bring home beautiful kitchen accessories- make life easier and kitchen beautiful. Start with one if you want or just have a look!



when you see people on their terraces(when it’s not raining that is) and see most of the kites in the colors of orange, white and green- you know its 15th of August, –India’s Independence day. For us, it’s more than that, it’s a celebration, a festival. Of goose bumps, thinking of everyone 66 years back and more- sacrificing their lives for our independence. Anyway, back to the kite, I would really love to design a round kite with dark blue/indigo Ashok chakra on it. There is this immense sense of power the sign seems to evoke.  Apart from the color and the visual appeal, it has deeper meaning as to why it has found a place right at the center of the Indian Flag.

Personally for us, we love the dark blue color of the chakra and this was one of the ways of relating it to our home decor website M~W. So we planned a round-up of 10 incredible interior decorating ideas using the color dark blue.