you can choose to paint stripes all over your home, but wait, that’s way too experimental. Why not zero down at spaces strpes would look the best at your home. For that you need some ideas, and well thats exactly what we’ve tried to do today.

We can have stripes in the  dining area, kitchen, bathroom, home office,  living room etc. One can try the temporary ways to bring stripes if one is not sure of stripes on walls through accents like, cushions, rugs etc. Today we’ve Identified five such spaces around our home with twenty five ideas to stripe them. 


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Kids room/ nursery

As we mentioned before, nurseries or kids room become a creative ground for many parents and they like to try out all their guts, which they might not otherwise in the rest of the spaces of their home. You can bring all your thoughts(sometimes desires) to picture, directly in your kids room. And this is exactly what happens to stripes as well. For many of us who aren’t sure of stripes, don’t think twice before striping those walls. Of course, without doubt the effect is truly amazing. Some go for gender colors of baby pink and blue for the walls, others tend be more experimental. 

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Dining Room

Its a good idea to keep your dining room area a little playful. Adding colors and other design elements in crockery and furniture is one thing. Other very interesting thing to do is to add stripes. It can be anywhere you want, not necessarily on walls. It can also be colorful, keeping the color scheme of other elements of the space. As you can see in the first image, stripes start from wall and continue covering the whole ceiling. In other images you can see, the fabrics are bringing the stripes in. In the last image of the dining cum kitchen area, you can note  that the color choice is quite stark, mis-matched with other stuffs around the room.

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You don’t have much choice when it comes to stripes in bathroom( ie if you want to go for an easier way). Walls come pretty handy to add your favorite stripes. As you can see in the above four images, there are vertical stripes with white in between, there are textured stripes and then there are horizontal stripes with a color scheme matching the decor. The width of each stripes also make a difference in how it’ll look.

 |13|  |14|  |15|  |16|


In your kitchen you can either choose to stripe a portion of your shelves, just a portion on the wall, may be just add a striped rug/flooring. Adding text graphics to the stripes is also a great idea.

|17|  |18|  |19|  |20|

Living room

In the living room area too, you’ve endless choice to decorate using stripes. Whether you want to have stripes just on accents or rugs or on the sofa upholstery is completely up to you. You can also choose to stripe just the walls with colors depending upon the intensity of attention you want to give it. A very interesting way of doing it and our favorite too as seen in the second image is by doing it all with stripes but all stripes different from each other.


 |21|  |22|  |23|  |24|

Home Office

Striping a portion of your home office will definitely work as a good design element. Just because your work space is at home, it doesn’t mean your study space cannot look amazing. It is all the more easy to make it comfortable according to our requirements. lt will also help in breaking the monotony of boredom that sometimes creeps in. Choose a subtle soothing color. Avoid vivid colors as they can prove distracting.



Lastly, if you don’t want to or are still scared of striping any place of your home- as we mentioned before here, staircase can be an ideal space. In the image above the stripe has been created as if the colors have spilled.

These were all the corners of your home where you could use a little stripe. You can either choose one room or all to stripe. It is your choice how and in what material you want to bring about that change. Would you go the easy(but not bad) way to bring stripes through fabric-rugs, curtains, throws, upholstery or would you dare to stripe those walls?

A penny for your thoughts!


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