Love cushions as Valentine’s Day gift!

if nothing works out or you are short of options or you’re literally standing on the last day- love cushions come to your rescue. These are super-cool as they are pretty, soft and express your love without you saying anything. Plus a great decor accent. You’ll feel spoilt with the choices available- some saying exactly what you wanted to say. 

|1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |9| |10|

Reds are evergreen- when you want to express your love reds turn out to be the best choice. Don’t worry if you don’t like bright reds, there are subtle one’s available too.  Best one’s are the heart-shaped ones.

|11| |12| |13| |14| |15| |16| |17| |18|

There are others with amazing graphics, embroideries & embellishments. In monotones, grays & colors. Then there are some with texts that you want to express youself with.

|19| |20| |21| |22| |23| |24| |25|

These are not-so-loud one’s in  cool colors of whites and blues- for those who want to say something but don’t want to go over the board.

Hope now you know exactly which one does the work for you.

At the end of all this we felt confused- are we promoting love or cushions! Well both are wonderful. Hope you found it useful, don’t forget to check our previous post for more gifting options!

A penny for your thoughts!

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