Shades of Green!

Green Home Decor!

different shades of green are like different shades of life. Green has the power to change the complete mood of your decor. For us green is a color that can be used as accents around home, they go well with most of the colors. Today we’ve selected five shades of green and two decor products each in those shades. The nature is full of thousands of shades of green and they’ll always continue to inspire us…

|1| & |2| Olive Green: What a beautiful shade of green!  This shade of green has the power to brighten the space or even subdue it. Use it with white or use it with bright colors, result will always be fine.


|3| & |4| Lime green: We are not so used to seeing this color commonly in home decor, rightly so, as its very easy to fall for this beauty and end up doing a mistake. One has to be very careful while dealing with something as bright as lime green.

|5| & |6| Army green: Again a color to be carefully used around a room. Choosing full color can bring about a little darkness. It’s always a good idea to mix and match with some other color. Even an army jersey has few other colors or even other shades of green going with it. Not denying the beauty of the color in itself.

|7| & |8| Peacock Green: When talking about green, how can we ever forget peacock green, esp. in the rainy season when peacocks dance when it rains(very rare sight for us to see anymore). Anyway, this shade leaves an amazing feel of royalty, but again has to be used with care, it doesn’t go very well with many colors. 

|9| & |10| Bottle green: This is a beautiful shade of green and is quite commonly used for home decor purposes mostly in glass material. Feel free to pick something of this shade for your home.

So, this was our small round-up comprising of five shades of green that we love. Hope you  enjoyed it. What are your favs?

A penny for your thoughts!

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