Happy Valentine’s Day!

let’s not even try to define what love is! Let love be, be undiscovered & vague and beautiful. We’re not being pessimists here, we are just saying that the moment we start defining something, we give it a form. And with form crops-up judgment. Judgment brings with itself all sorts of negative feelings. And days like Valentine’s day stand on the very edge of this concept of love or judgment. It is for us to figure out whether we want to fall for all sorts of opinions or simply fall in love!

Another thing that we can do is use it as an excuse. An excuse for doing the things you’ve been wanting to do together for a long time. Let it only be an excuse and not a list full of pre-conceived expectations. You are unique, your love is unique, how you are celebrating it should be your unique idea!

With that note and without getting more philosophical- we say, celebrate it, your way!

A penny for your thoughts!

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