now that we’ve learnt a bit of styling around a plant and have also spotted places to keep them around our home, how about a bit of shopping for planters? I hear some of you say, why, we’ve beautiful plants and are well potted, but stop. Don’t take your decision without having a look at today’s round-up. We’ve selected not 10, not 20, not even 30, but 45 amazing pots and planters for you. There is something for everyone, you’ll definitely be inspired to..


today we’ll be taking green to a much higher level, where it truly belongs- green as in the plants. But this not without a little touch of creativity and a dash of styling. We know the value of plants, but we also need to understand it’s value in our daily lives with little gestures. How about gifting your friend a potted plant next time instead of an expensive gift? Wrap them in beautiful papers, add a little bow, and there you go! It solves many purposes…


different shades of green are like different shades of life. Green has the power to change the complete mood of your decor. For us green is a color that can be used as accents around home, they go well with most of the colors. Today we’ve selected five shades of green and two decor products each in those shades. The nature is full of thousands of shades of green and they’ll always continue to inspire us…



you can call this a design diary, but its not a personal one. Here, scribbling, sharing, inspiring each-other takes place. All for the love of DESIGN. Posts are updated from Monday to Friday(Well, we try our best to follow this). . This is largely how it works Our posts work through themes, every month or so we…


Hello Everyone!

Today marks the day of our journey through the Design world, where we are hoping to pick you all on board on our way. Let us come together to inspire each other, create new things. Design is the soul here, we are the mind, and medesignwe.com is the body. Do join us everyday hereafter for a little doze of inspiration everyday. Inspiration is food.

What a great month to start something new. With July comes rain, and rain marks the beginning of new life. Rain brings out the lush green around us. Yes, it does restrict us mostly to our homes, but what better time to re-do the decor. Keeping all this in mind we’ll be dedicating most of July’s content to green.  So here goes our first post- its about a very interesting new issue of Society Interiors magazine on newsstand and why it should be on our nightstand. Enjoy the ride!