when you see people on their terraces(when it’s not raining that is) and see most of the kites in the colors of orange, white and green- you know its 15th of August, –India’s Independence day. For us, it’s more than that, it’s a celebration, a festival. Of goose bumps, thinking of everyone 66 years back and more- sacrificing their lives for our independence. Anyway, back to the kite, I would really love to design a round kite with dark blue/indigo Ashok chakra on it. There is this immense sense of power the sign seems to evoke.  Apart from the color and the visual appeal, it has deeper meaning as to why it has found a place right at the center of the Indian Flag.

Personally for us, we love the dark blue color of the chakra and this was one of the ways of relating it to our home decor website M~W. So we planned a round-up of 10 incredible interior decorating ideas using the color dark blue.


We all have our favorites when it comes to choosing colors, be it for ourselves or for our home. We have a certain attachment or calling for that particular color, they seem to make us happy. If rainbow colors seen separately, they are all bright colors. So when choosing any of these colors, especially for walls, we need to be extra cautious that we balance them. We have selected seven interiors today with these colors as prominent on walls. We will see closely one by one how they all create an aura and how they affect our liking….



since this is the last week of our theme ‘Green and its associations’, we didn’t want to leave out green colored wallpapers. Wallpapers play quite an important role in how a room looks. Whenever you think of going for a renovation in terms of design of your house, do consider wall papers, they not only create a very striking look but also play a very significant role while choosing other decor items. You’ll get an idea of how you want your room to look like, there is no rule saying you can’t choose your wallpaper first.

Today we’ve selected a range of wallpapers around the color green. The ideas are from subtle small prints to bold textured colors. But they all speak for themselves….