You can call this a design diary, but it is not a personal one. Here, scribbling, sharing, inspiring each-other takes place. All for the love of DESIGN.

This is largely how it works:

Our posts work through themes, every month or so we touch a new concept and create simple posts around it.


Hot! Off the press- Products/ stuffs that need everybody’s attention is showcased. Also sometimes a new issue of a design magazine with a snapshot and a little detail of what’s inside will be highlighted. Highlighted because it is ‘not to be missed’.

More of Yore- Here, snapshots, pictures, ideas, inspirations from an old magazine or more will be featured, Again, featured because ‘Oops we missed it’.(This category is currently in switched off mode)

Web Whirl- Interior decor ideas through pictures from around the web, mostly with a theme, are posted under this category.

Product Pallete- Essentially, a cue from Wednesday’s theme’s is taken to feature decor items available online(well mostly).

Sundry Friday- Can be anything from a discussion, tips, decor ideas, reminders of upcoming exhibitions or just a conclusion of what happened through the week.

So, please drop by for a daily doze of design & related info n fun!

*Most active Categories are Web Whirl, Products Pallette & Sundry Friday. To maintain the quality of the posts, their number through the month has been reduced.

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A li’l about me~

My name Shambhavi Narayan, a Fashion & Lifestyle-Product designer by qualification and now a full time weblogger dedicating most of my time to bring about goodness from the home interiors’ world for all of you who love it too.

Simplicity drives my whole being. I’m an ardent observer of people and things around, which helps me bring out results people could like.  This is mainly in the field of design- it could be a simple idea, an inspiration, a suggestion towards making life easier and prettier.

I don’t believe in limiting myself as far as the mind and its vast universe goes. I’m a designer, a reviewer, a stylist, a counselor.

Consult me for any of the above. Or let’s simply get connected!

Just in case-

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