It is true that our whole being is a result of our parents. But when parents inspire you live what you love to the utmost, they definitely become your piece of admiration! Exactly what I can say about my dad! He loved what he did and lived for it. He was an epitome of simplicity. We lost him about an year back and it still feels yesterday that I discussed my work with him. Even now, it seems he is helping me around somehow. Today (Oct. 17) happens to be his birthday. I'm re-launching with even more fervor and passion to celebrate this very day today and always. This is what I wrote for him a couple of days after he passed away:

He lived his life on his own terms

Freewill he was, for himself and us too.
Simple living, high thinking – someone said
He lived.
Recycle, up-cycle
Life cycle- goes on..
As impressions of his work and mind – in our heart.
Personal and hearty interactions with each one of us – his forte!
Each one now thinks the moment belonged to him, to her.
In God, he never believed
Downtrodden were his friends,
His friends -his extended family.
Though life has left him,
His aura shall remain.
So we keep doing good
So we keep writing fine!


Ps:- Warm thanks to all for constant support.