Cute Panda decal over switch board

Wall decals, are no more a new concept and market is afloat with one great option from the other. Wall decals are popular and it is not going out of trends in the coming days. What remains a confusion with many though is the vast variety of options and choosing the right one for your wall. This indecisiveness can make you, never get one home! Don’t worry, our today’s featured decals will make you at least make a start. These are from whose decals range from traditional to moderns graphics.

Glow in the dark cat-1
Radium Decals Glow in the Dark!

These cute decals over the switchboard area is new funny way to use the space. It also makes you take that first step to getting a larger one for the whole wall.

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More Info

Available at :

Priced at : INR 300/- (Glow in the Dark Decal at: INR 600/-)

Color/Finish : Black & White 

Why we chose what we showcased?

These are small cute decals which take smaller wall space over your switchboard.

Our rating : 3 Chevrons  ^^^

Final words, RHD says: Children will love it, go for it!

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