Why WE?

  there is no me without we. They survive together, there is no existence or happiness of one without the other. We've beautiful things around us, together we appreciate them, inspire each other, take ideas from them, incorporate them in our lives. We share. Abundance of it, all of it. We love them together, we criticize. This place is for idea sharing, inspirations. Yearning to find more of me's in we's!

You would notice the use of word 'we' instead of 'me' on this website- that's exactly the intention. We feel using 'Me' or 'I' or 'My' is incomplete. Only when we address something together that we make a full circle. Of course we'd love to agree to disagree on few stances but mostly we'll be spreading love. Love through beautiful homes and decor objects. Because that's exactly what love means to us.

Design Diary

This is our diary for ideas and inspiration which mind can't record. And it becomes yours too because its your ideas that inspire us. And there can be nothing  as stimulating as an intriguing design, as good designs not only make our lives beautiful , they also make it comfortable. That's why M~W.

Our calendar works around a theme, where we bring together goodness of design world both online and offline. The idea is to bring the goodness of the world to India. So, the results is a global inspiration where everyone is welcome aboard.

Our focus is  home interiors , decor products, useful tips with ideas that can be incorporated. We currently don't cover jewelry and graphic, but a mention sometimes here and there is improbable. We mostly look for designs that are simple and easy to understand and incorporate. Our understanding of design/decor is very straight forward, they don't cheat or scheme- for us they look gorgeous because they are so.


This website is dedicated to some of the beautiful designs/decor that humans create, trying to bring them in one place for everyone to see, get inspired and share. All images used are because of their exquisiteness and for inspirational purposes only. Most of them are linked back to the source where they were found. If any of these are your images and you don't like them to be used on this website, please do contact us and we'll remove the same with immediate effect. If any of the images used in graphics are yours, we'll be more than happy to credit it back, mail us at medesignwe@gmail.com

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