Gold and Silver in Home Interiors

we used the word ‘daring’ because we really feel it needs a lot of guts and understanding to use colors like Gold & Silver for home. These colors don’t just bring bling- they can really enhance the products around it and also help dramatize your space. Also it is not necessary that you use them on larger objects and everywhere, you can pick your own specific place to bring about that kind of a look. Hope these interiors with these colors here and there inspire us to take out first step in not being scared of them.


|1| Here, we see a gray finished silver shine is used on the wall and it would not be wrong to say that the wooden chest’s beauty is greatly enhanced by it. You may also notice that the similar finished lampshade too stands tall in this effect.

|2| Here, we see gold and silver together- light gold in rims, mirror finished lamp with silver backdrop wallpaper and cream bed upholstery and flooring makes for the perfect setting to hop on and take a nap. Full credit for using these colors to a cozy feel.


|3| Perfect winter setting this. Silver used here and there and we also see traces of gold. The riveted beige-gold comfy chair by the fireplace- sets the winter mood in too

|4| We are now sure, Gold & Silver work great for a winter setting. The above interior is inviting with its light gold in bed-rims, wallpaper and headboard with different shades of purple here and there. So we also know, we can have colors of our choice with them too. The mirror-finish light gold lamp stand doesn’t look out of place.

|5| What say to this lavish bathroom? Large space- sterling silver bathtub on a wooden floor is what we call a whimsical bathing idea.

|6| We see a small use of dull gold in the table and in the border of the blind. The particularly gray room has hints of gold here and there to break away from the monotony.

|7| This beautiful room has shiny factor to it even in the velvety accents. Even the mirror wall is used to this effect.

|8| Another great bedroom interior with a balance of bright golds and matte grays or silver whatever you want to call them.

|9| Taking to another level, adding brightness with lots and lots of white, gold here and there, this room intends to give a royal touch to its feel.

|10| White and silver dominate the above pic, yet the gold framed mirror is the show stopper.

So we can now set our fears aside and daringly use silver or gold or both in our interiors, as they not only go with many other textures but also have the capacity to warm the look and feel of a space. You can choose to deck your whole wall silver or use it sparsely around home, choice is completely yours.

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