throws we feel are imperative decorative accent around home especially during winters. We say- ‘throw them everywhere’! They not only cozy-up your couches and beds- they make them look great too!! And with the options we’ve these days, make it easy to pick and decorate accordingly.

Today we’ve lined up these amazing throws- you ‘d definitely want to add at least one to your collection. After the round-up we’ve these interiors where people have just thrown these amazing throws on there couches here and their and cozy(d) up their home..

|1|  |2|  |3|  |4|  |5|  |6|  |7|  |8|  |9|  |10|

We know you want to get them all like us- these are so beautiful and warm that we might want to change throw everyday around home like we change clothes. The conventional checks are always in, though now we find great ones in other materials and textures too. There are endless color options too- pick whatever makes your home more cozy. Personally we love the blue/gray(1), the dull brown(3) and the traditional checks(7). Which one is yours?

Since many of us still new to throwing throws/blankets around home we thought we’d not end our post with just a round-up, we take it further to looking at how others are doing it- aesthetically! Of course there are many of us always looking for and open to new great ideas- Enjoy!


This seems like the best example for clumsy yet pretty and we would definitely like to add cozy to it.


You can always match the blanket with the other accessories around home.


Cozy couch, warm light blue- hop on!


The conventional chequered blankets- lets all vow, never to let this ever go out of trends. Get them without doubt.


Beige brown, cream, wood….


Match them with anything, or contrast them with anything..

|7| |8| |9| |10|

And the bright ones, colorful they go with almost every ambience.

So, this was our post to make your beds and couches more cozy; to let you sleep for five more mins before the morning rush; for you to enjoy your tea/coffee on your couch with your fave book; for those wintery siesta..

A penny for your thoughts!

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