we are yet to meet someone who doesn’t like flowers. Flowers are like ornaments, making something look more beautiful than before. After feeling mesmerized by interiors in previous post, we’ve brought inspiration in the form of products today. How colorful, floral imprints beautify these decor items- ornamenting our homes. These dazzling items may want you paint your home floral!!

What’s common between these two? ‘Water?’ Well, yes.. But no.. we are talking about floral designs on home decor accents- would you rather prefer a vintage-style classic design on the galvanized can or a bright colorful one on the jug?














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Splash some colors and large patterns on sofa and cushions. No, then how about replacing that water jug with a beautiful flower garden. The long and short floral painting from ‘elvy’ is also a great choice.

|5| |6| |7|                                                    

Find quirky stuffs with floral designs on them. Teapots are one products where floral designs are most common- but are we bored yet? Loving the artistic bath tub. Can you think of any other quirky product with flower motifs?

|8| |9| |10|

Classic style flower paintings and designs on home decor is ever green. Do u own one? Or you have been passed on one by your mother or grandma?

flowers designs can be found in every home, the idea is a)to bring them in such a way that brings everyone’s attention and b) beautifying home with their aura. Are you bored of decoratives with floral designs in your home or do you love them as much as you first got them home?

A penny for your thoughts!

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