no, we are not a lovey-dovey type, but we don’t judge someone who is. We always believed that two people in love are doing great if they can talk. Talk a lot with each other, converse about any topic, or simple blabbering. People who can share anything with each other without having the fear of being judged. For us, those ‘two’ are lucky. 

Doing a round-up for the not-so-lucky ones. These so called loveseats are not just an invention, they are a thoughtful creation where it wants both the parties to be happy. We don’t get time from the hectic hustle bustle of life, to indulge in some quality talks with our loved ones. We keep running after something from morning to evening ( sometimes even during sleep). Now, love seat comes in to picture- it makes us sit together- & chat. May be it’ll help. These are for everyone- even those who find time to indulge in idle, silly talks.

Found some beautiful ones from the world of web.

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Cushioned couches

For those times when you want to open up. Whether you want to look into each other’s eyes or look to the eternity- your choice.

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Two people please

This works only when they are two people. Don’t try sitting alone, it mind end-up having an opposite effect. This arrangement is definitely for those endless moments. And if it’s a rocking one- you are sure to fall in love again.

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Come to the point

These are red. These are pretty and cozy. But somehow they are also making us feel that we must stop beating around the bush and answer all the unanswered.

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Nature and you(two)

Its a proven fact now that nature and tea are always trying to bring us together and keep us together too. Brownies/cookies are great add-ons.

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On the couch- two potatoes

We make all the excuses of not having time, but don’t we mostly at the end of the day watch our favorite shows together. We are not asking you to turn-off the television. We just want you to get two-seater couch, which makes you sit together. Do it together!

Love seats- not all of us like this name or call our couches with the same. Love seats are really about conversations that are left unsaid, discussions that need attention, gossips that won’t leak, blabberings that initially brought you together. Because, Love you do, Talk you don’t. 

A penny for your thoughts!

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