bored of your Decor? Bring the Freshness of the color Green to your home. A li’l bit of green here and there can bring about the change you are looking for.

Read on, to find out how!

|1| For your bedroom, works wonders waking up each morning to the soothing effect of olive green in combination with white. If you don’t like green much, use it more in the form of accessories. Like, in the image above you can see how the color is incorporated.

|2| Another way of doing it is by dedicating a whole wall to green with green trinkets here and there. In the above image, you can again see the use of white with green. A visual texture is also added to the wall.

|3| We know greens go well with brown too, well that’s mostly because our eyes are accustomed to see a lush green tree with dark brown bark. It can never be a bad idea to select these two colors together, God himself chose them. Anyway, back to the point, we can see in the bathroom above, white has been kept in the background and use of green and brown can be found in the accents like shower curtains, planter, towel, soap dispensers and bathroom mat.

|4| Green in your study / work area, not a bad idea at all. If you don’t want to go far with it, just place a potted planter or a vase with flowers on your table, it’ll definitely inspire you to do better. In the above image light-subdued green here and there is creating a perfect ambience.

|5| Green, in some random corner of your house. We can see the use of green in glass-accents, over-use is not at all a problem here, its perfectly balanced with off whites. Breaking the monotony is also the beautiful clock on the wall.

|6| In the living room above, the green is used quite directly on the tables while its balanced by a subdued green on the sofa. Also adding to look is the uneven wooden floor.

|7| Green is amazingly used in this kitchen. While the use of the color is less, its the intensity of it that brings about the whole look. The dark green used here is matched with yellow in the background. And not to forget the off-white ceramic jugs.

|8| In the image above, the dominance of color green is brought about by a green upholstered chair. Yet, we can never deny the magic it spells on the whole look.

|9| A small portion of wall is painted lime green. Its facilitating the other objects around to pop-out.

|10| Again in this corner as you can see, green is used in a more obvious manner. The green of leaves are dried and mounted on the wall. A lot of shades of green is used in this small space, neutralized by white table and wall.

These ten visuals must have given you a fair idea of how beautiful all the shades of the color green is. We don’t need to use them in larger spaces, a little tint of green here and there is sufficient to have a refreshing look. What’s your idea of this color? How do you like to use it around your home? 

A penny for your thoughts!

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