how about smaller decor items in stripes? How can we ignore them? After all, they deck up our homes with their beauty and contribute in enhancing the look of it. It’s a small post but its completely worth a little attention. And you would immediately fall in love with these small striped cuties.

Two in One

Some of these are pure eye-tonics and some will be of a little help. For instance check out the kitchen accessory the multicolor striped bowl, orange and white striped platter and vertically striped wooden salt & pepper dispenser, etc.

Decor beauties

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these other goodies are mere decorative items. They are the cutest striped objects you’ll ever come around.

Animal love forever

Animal figurines are our favorites, we could have tons of them around our home in any form(even live ones) And these Rajasthani striped papier mache elephant stripes are a must have. The plastic yellow and black fishes(set of 5) would bring life to your aquarium The wooden blue and white stripe coastal decor fish look adorable too.

Why not buy these beautiful designer vases (set of three), they will always make you proud.

The vintage white and brown stripe bowl can work as decor item as well as your salad bowl.

This was a small ‘take a break’  post for all you stripe lovers. More stripes coming soon. Watch this space. Till then..

A penny for your thoughts.


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