don’t we love just love homes with staircases. They are those elements of the house that let you experiment with and add value to the whole look and feel of the interiors.

Stripe that staircase- it can be a great design element

Though we know many of us get very confused with what exactly we should do to our staircases and space around them so that they behave like another design element. We also know that once you get over that stage, the result has been many amazingly treated staircases. Since we are talking about stripes, we couldn’t have ignored stripes on staircases as they are the easiest way to bring that change. 

Choose your color

Chose your color, texture pattern according to the decor around your home. You can either choose vibrant colors or subtle ones depending upon how much of attention you want to bring to them. Whether to chose one color or multi-color also depends on you.

Striped carpets can be great

Best are carpet upholstery, that’s because then you have endless options to choose from. Make sure they are properly fitted, as ill-fitted ones can be really dangerous- can lead to someone falling down.

Or rather paint your own stripes

Some people also choose to personally paint stripes to their staircases. Painting it together with your family can be fun too. Chose a time when you’d be using less of those stairs, so that you don’t end up spoiling the paint.

Vertical stripes for longer appearance

If you want your staircases to appear longer choose vertical stripes. How many stripes- totally your choice. You can also have just a few border stripes on both the sides.

Though there are many ways to do you staircase, stripes fall in sync with them easily because stairs on their own are nothing but horizontal stripes only.

|1| Border stripe for a somber touch.

|2| One bright yellow stripe 

|3| Classic stripes – lots of!

|4| Contrast the whites with the brights

|5| Stripe those walls too by the stairs matching one of the color

|6| Mix & Match

|7| Rainbow stripes

|8| The familiar stripe

|9| Horizontal stripes on the base with wooden top

|10| How about a Blue, mauve and pink stripe?

This was a small round-up of stripes on staircase, hope this was am inspiration if you’ve been wanting to do the same to your staircase and a solution if you were confused which look to go for. For stripes elsewhere check our posts here and here. And  for a round-up of striped products click here.

A penny for your thoughts!

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