Old, Vintage Chairs!

distressed, old, worn-out- all these are good qualities of a furniture piece. Ask someone who owns them, those classics. Ask what it means to them and what would they barter it with, ask what their value is(in their hearts)?? Do you own one or more?? So we ask you….

Today we are all for old chair design love. We feel- they are in fashion and they would never go out of fashion. Some of us re-upholster our old chairs with modern patterned fabrics and paint them new but don’t want to discard the frame. Some of redo them in a way that it looks old and distressed- deliberately. We also feel that old chair designs were aesthetically and ergonomically designed for comfort too.

If you don’t own one- you’d want to change your mind and may be get yourself one from the flea market..

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Leather single seater armchairs invite you to sit on them with just one look. And if it’s on old one then it has to be comfortable too.


Then, there are ones that look at you with so much pride- can be used as dining chair or wherever you like.


Simple loving this leather and wood office chair!

|6| |7| |8|

We all have our own memories of woven chairs at home. If you still own one- what a proud owner you must be!

|9| |10|

Or even upholstered armchairs on the porch(With dad sitting on it with his favorite book).

|11| |12|

And then there were other designs which look so familiar.


We don’t come across many bar chairs in this style, do we?


And those white wrought-iron garden chairs- didn’t we all have a set? Well back then, didn’t we all have gardens.


And our all time fave simple wooden chair- one would say what it is there to like it? We’d say- you’ll have to go down memory lane to find that out.

We have to agree- there are more emotional reasons than others to have a liking for these vintage chairs. And these designs have a feeling of comfort in our minds.

Which one is your favorite design as far as the comfort goes?

A penny for your thoughts!

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