as winter sets in, first thing that comes to our mind is that if has to get this cold, it better snow for us to enjoy a few snow-fights with our loved ones, but sad it doesn’t snow here. Second thing is something that we are jealous of- FirePlace! We know, not all of us are lucky to have this pleasure at home, those of you who do- we feel are blessed ones!!

To live the dream-wishlist, we have laid down 15 cozy interiors with fireplaces- we have the right to enjoy at least this..

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Stoned fireplace

This look is most love by us all- gives a more casual look to the cozy atmosphere. The arbitrary stones, match the random flames and are perfect center of attention of any room. Unconventional Decor accents work around it to make it even more inviting. Best way to deck it up, is by placing one or two cozy, comfy chair.

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Whites- all the way!

Whites and off-whites find a space for themselves everywhere and that too with elegance. Though the look is classy- its also a little formal. The straight-lines define the paves way to a prim and proper look.


Dark brown

Does this dark brown look make it look easier to deck up the space around the fireplace. The wooden frame can be in sync with other woonden furniture around.


Mixed bag

Its also a good idea to have a mixed material and look- raw wood, white wall and black chimney styled fireplace.


Fireplace-all over

You can have the whole wall dedicated to the fireplace theme, extending the look of your fireplace to other things around it- your decor, furniture, lighting, color-scheme- everything.



Dedicating a corner for a fireplace can really cozy-up the whole look. You can always have the fireplace all for yourself.

Having a look at these interiors, winter blue has set in more. The true essence of winter is not complete without a fireplace at home. But for now, we have to comfort ourself only by looking at them. 

A penny for your thoughts!

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