nature always inspires us to bring & accept change. Change is good lest things become monotonous. Dull winter days are almost over. Spring brings with itself a yellow(sunshine) lining to our otherwise gray-sky days. Today we are trying to do the same for home decor. We are incorporating an idea using elements in the shades of gray; what we are adding to it are tinges of yellow here and there, just to show how even tit bit of yellows around home can make a difference. We are not saying gray home decor idea is not great, we also know not many of us are comfortable with an all yellow home. So we are introducing just a bit of spring feel to an interior. Otherwise too, gray, yellow and white make for an amazing theme for any home. Enjoy!

|1| Not a must though, wallpaper always enhances the whole look. Keep the base color white or any other lighter shade to keep things bright. 

|2| Found these amazing cloth hooks in our theme colors today.

|3| Love these lines- the web is full of options for posters in these lines and all the attempt seems to tell a different story.

|4| Loving this curtain, the zig zag seem to have a curve of their own. Though its a bathroom curtain, we’ve set it here for it’s beautiful pattern

|5| This sideboard– can be easily used as dresser too has just the drawer pullouts in yellow.

|6| We have a soft corner for anything woven this vase/pot seems to give a little curve to the staright lines around home(if you know what we mean). 

|7| Lots and lots of ‘i want’ for this rug. Are you loving it too as much we seem to? Its round, its gray and yellow, its pretty!

|8| The rugged throw has few strings in the shade of yellow and that’s exactly what’s making it fall out

|9| We’ve let the chair as complete gray. Somehow grays are for chairs.

|10| Again the cushion is all gray with a yellow pom pom in between, bringing all the attention to the chair area.

|11| Isn’t this a perfect floor lamp for any scenario? Old feel in the stand and new metallic feel on the shade.

|12| In contrast to the chair, we’ve kept the round side table(working as a night stand here) all yellow.

|13| Breaking the monotony is the tri-color lamp placed on it.

|14| A lighter gray toned throw pillow with yellow and white floral patterns brightening the otherwise plain bed.

|15| We’ve deliberately kept a simple, plain yet a firm bed in gray tones. This so that we could distribute the attention areas around the room.

The whole purpose of this post was to bring little tinges of sunshine to our gray winter rooms- wake up spring is almost here. To understand how if we balance colors, we can have great results. How, tit bits of yellow can change the look of a room with main color as gray. Hope the purpose was solved.

A penny for your thoughts!

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