how neat/clean your home is can be told by two places – your bathroom off course and your kitchen. Its important that we keep kitchen organized to find things when we required but it’s also imperative that its kept clean for all our health issues start from here. The kind of food we eat, the cleanliness we maintain. We are not trying to mix two things- cleaning & organizing together. We feel they belong to each other- especially in kitchen where we have lots of inventories which must be exhausted before they expire.

Today we not going into details of inventory storage but on the lighter(read prettier) side of kitchen utility display. We are today getting inspired by a few crockery and how they are displayed on a shelf. They could be your everyday use stuff or kept just for decorative purpose. Whatever your reason, these ideas tell us that organizing also means that we want that place to look pleasing. 

Over to the inspirations without uttering another word…

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Tag, mark, stick..

Tag the opaque boxes, use marker pen or stick stickers to know what it contains.

Clever cabinets

Plan your built-in cabinets in such a way that you don’t waste any space. Such kind of clever drawers work as a great storage system without wasting any space.

Think out of the box

Another intelligent way to put those trays, cutting boards and moulds which don’t seem to find a right place in our kitchen organizing system. 

Where do the lids go?

What an amazing idea to put those lids(read irritating lids) to place. These are arranged on a simple towel rod.

Labeled glass jars- fave!

Jars, any size are our faves. Not only do they display what they contain, they also deck up the kicthen with their beauty. We are especially loving these because corks work as caps for these beauties.

So this post was about display on shelves for the sake of good looks. And hope the other five tips that we rounded-up come useful to you. They are practical and not very difficult to employ!

A penny for your thoughts!

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