after pastel home decor accents, we want to bring your attention to homes in pastel colors- how they are not girly and how they are not even for kids. they have great capabilities to make a home absolutely stunning to look and a real comfy feel. If you don’t like pinks and purples, there are teals and blues too in pastels. And grays and whites always compliment pastels- one of the ways to balance intensities.


Now, we love soft floral pattern as the backdrop of this even more soft pastel pink sofa!!



Pastel and white make things bright! you’d what’s new in this decor, well what you are missing is the pattern on the white wall. The wall’s texture and pastel’s softness is working out a great balance.



If you are scared of bright oranges and reds- them in pastel shades is a great option. Pastel reds and oranges look quite earthy and will work fab with off-white and other earthy textures like- jutes, cottons..


Green and blue make for a good combination in pastels.



|5| |6|

Pastels mostly belong to a ‘same look’  family. That’s why they look good even when lots of shades are used together. You can have your Sofa in one color and you can accessorize it with different colored throw pillows/cushions. 


Loving this setup, gray pastel sofa, mauve throw over it with lots of different floral pattern cushions, flowers paintings and floral wallpaper. 


How we can use two different pastel shades on larger elements can be seen in the above interior image where two couches are in blue(single seater) and pink(sofa). Brightness is brought through cushions.


Here the main focus is on the floor- a velvety feel purple wall to wall. Over it is pastel colored lemon yellow sofa and wooden coffee table. Dull+bright+texture!!


This interior is all blue pastel whose beauty is enhanced by the use of 2-3 elements- floral, beige and other bright colors. Many a times pastels work as neutral colors too around which we can decorate as we wish to.


How about an all pastel decor- here a very subdued shade of blue and purple are used.


Very interestingly done corner by the window. Multi-color drawers of sideboard, all bright blue chair, dull pastel purple on the lamp stand and peach and pink walls. So many colors together yet they don’t look jumbled up- perfectly balanced by what lies below- the black and white multi patterned carpet!!

|13| Pastels are very soothing and give a feeling of relaxation. This is reason why many choose pastels when doing a room for babies.

|14| Is this kind of a kitchen decor your type or is it way to over the board?

|15| One or two pastel elements in home office/study room  is a great idea for a calming effect required when you want to concentrate on something important.

Hope you enjoyed the pastel journey with us and now have a better idea about their usage. If you are impressed, you might want to check out pastel home decor accents that we did in our previous post.

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