Comfortable Modern Chairs

some of the modern chair designs that we see around truly benumb us with their form. Technology has made all kinds of cutting, molding, shaping possible- all with the help of computers and machines(not to forget the handcrafted ones). They feed the design- they get the product. But don’t get stuck by just how one piece looks- some of them make you sit back and think- think how a simple detail can affect your life. Chairs- the one’s which are made with utmost ergonomic detailing are the ones which will be more comfortable. But again that’s not our prerogative – that’s taken care of!  In most of the cases- you just have to choose what you like- design wise that is. There are endless number of beautiful designs out there and you can never sum them up in a post or two(we’ve to keep revisiting them); today we’ve for you 15 modern chairs that we felt you could love to have for your home.

|1| Interiors Bertoia Style Wire Side Chair- Love the sturdiness this chair brings despite its look- and also good looks.|

|2| Cubed Jay Trendy Chair Red- Quirky and bright red, lets bring this one home. For where? I would love to use it as my study chair.

|3| Coconut Chair- This chair is inspired and revisited. It was originally done by George N in 1955. Furutistic ideas were so developed that we count them as modern chairs today.

|4| MOD Lounger- You are sure to fall in love with this one. Its one piece made using recyclable plastic; available in around six colors suitable for everyone.

|5| Wave One Lounge Chair- This one is good to go for both office or home, the back rest can be folded down to make a bench as per your requirements.


|6| Artifort ABCD Lounge Chair by Pierre Paulin- This modern seating even though without arms look oh-so-comfy by its look. Its available in a couple of colors. 

|7| Ribbon Chair by Pierre Paulin- This chair completely amazes us. This is a true example to the extent human imaginations can go.

|8| Capo by Doshi Levien and Cappellini- This arm chair has a sleek look and an envelope-feel while sitting on it. A gentleman in Suit and felted hat is the inspiration for this chair. Who knows where a designer can get his/her inspiration from.

|9| Shelley- Has this name for the obvious reason that its inspired by the shape of a shell. Want to feel cozy, comfy, safe and protected- go for Shelley.

|10| Egg chair by Arne Jacobson- Another chair where you’d feel safe and cozy- this one is available in many colors and even patterns.

|11| Curve – No matter how popular this piece is, which again is available in many colors and even transparent, never cease to stun us with its beauty. This one piece chair in black  is made of plastic and has an amazing flow to the design. Finds its use as a dining chair, the form also makes it easy to be stacked. 

|12| Imola Chair- This black chair almost similar to the egg chair but with more professional looks, is available in many colors with a choice in meterial as well- leather or fabric.

|13| Cloud Recliner Chair- If we place this recliner by our work table, we might always find our self on it. How it evokes the feeling that it works as a back massager too.

|14| Executive chair- This chair has an easy look which goes on to say that simple things are most difficult to create- and then with everyone relating to it- truly a star.

|15| Air Chairs- These available in many shapes and sizes are light weight chairs. It is made out of fibers which are woven  out perfectly on to the frame.

Modern chairs as we commonly use the term may not necessarily be a new idea. It could be a futuristic design or it could be an old design revisited to match the current scenario. Whatever it is, it the approach that’s taken to get there is what we call a contemporary design. There are many chairs which we want to bring here and we would keep doing it as and when we can.

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