Our first post in the winters of new year had to be on something that we’ve been doing past one month. Yes, we’ve spent most of our times inside our blankets in this chill. The interiors in this post are all calling you do more of it all through winter. It also suggests that apart from cozying up your bedroom, you can have similar effect in your living rooms too. Hope these eye-tonics serve the purpose of warning you up.

|1| Beautiful minimalistic design with a little distressed look, who said we need fireplaces to cozy-up the room? 

|2| Rugs are great especially during winters. They work great to give a fuller look to the entire room and secondly refrain us from walking on cold floors directly. putting up a thick blanket on the couch is a great idea.

|3| A fireplace and a brick wall make a good combination in warming up a living room.

|4| And we can say the same about an appliqué work quilt on a couch surrounded by books. Its winter evenings that keep you warm on a chair with your favorite book in your hand. Loving the quilt.

|5| Some of us prefer darker shades especially during winters bringing light and warmth with bright warm colors.

|6| |7| While others like bright white, huge windows with tinges of color here and there.

|8| We love the rustic look here with fur accessories here and there.

|9| Pillows, poufs and quilt all out of wool- this effect is definitely keeping you in.

|10| Loving this perfectly balanced gray and white bedroom with slanted mirror and bright natural light.

|11| Smaller the space the cozier the feel. To add to the effect are the wooden floor and walls.

|12| What do you feel about this one??

|13| A perfect example of a perfect wintery bedroom scenario- wooden floors and walls, warm rug, furry furs, checkered pillows!!

|14| There are no direct implication here, but the off white and beige bed gives quite a comfy cozy feel.

|15| & |16|

Using warm colors orange and red here and there along with other neutral colors is a good break from the monotony.

|17| & |18|

There can be fun ways too, to warm up the room- stripes, polka dots, animal prints, textures- get playful!

|19| & |20|

Don’t forget to warm up your kid’s room not just literally but also use lots of rugs, pillows and love.

Hope this post inspires you to rethink the spaces that you love adding a little warmth with accessories and effects.

A penny for your thoughts!

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