Unique Gifts for him & her!

you want it special, you want it unique. And in all this sometimes, you end up either with nothing or something that you don’t like much. Wondering what we are talking about? We are talking about Valetine’s day gifting options. There are plethora of beautiful stuffs outthere, but even  then somehow, you can’t seem to find anything perfect. Today we are making that job a little easier for you all. We’ve lined up 15 amazing products, some for her, some for him and some you could share. Go on click click, buy what you like Now!


|a| For those who like to begin their day looking into each others eyes- on the breakfast table. How about sharing an egg cup- isn’t it like drinking wine from the same glass- well no, but yes, it feels good.

|b| And this one is even more intersting and interactive. This DIY plate comes with a marker- and you can both express yourself one by one and then place it on a stand as a sign of your love. You can even leave a note everyday day before leaving for office for him or her.

|c| Gardening we feel is another such acitivity that brings you closer- tending plants, cutting, watering ah! love.And what if you have double planters- where you both plant something together and tend it together everyday- unique right!


|d| |e| This one is for those fighter-cocks- who no matter what always feel his/her gift is better than mine. Buy same things together in different color- and gift. No more fights.

|1| Jewelry Box– Girls love jewelries and if yours love it more than you, then this small decorative silevr box with mirror has to be a perfect gift for her.

|2| Cocktail Glasses– If your best times are when you enjoy your favorite drink together, then its time to make a li’l special by making  her your unique cocktail in this colorful cocktail glasses.

|3| Combo gift– This combo is two in the price of one. Grab the offer before it ends. You’ve a cute teddy bear throw cushion and a teddy bear mug.

|4| Leather Journal– This if your girl is someone who likes to write her mind. With this beautiful journal- she could carry it wherever she goes.

|5| Not a couch– This is not a couch or a sofa. This is a cushioned jewelry keeper. Best when she comes home tired and just wants throw things away- jewelries are small intricate pieces- they can safe here on this couch jewelry stand.

|1| Small bar– He has to love it. He always wanted something small as this for his bedroom, where he could keep and display his collection of wines and glasses on the wall.

|2| Bottle holder– This again is more of a decor piece. He would love the brlack cat bottle holder.

|3| Cutting chai sipper– This super cool( cutting chai graphics) sipper would bring a smile on his face.

|4| Love frame– Choose your favorite together pic and gift- this small yet thoughtful gesture will be a memory forever.

|5| Tissue box– this vinatge feel tissue box is good to go for his car, make feel special withgifting him one.

Hope this came handy at the right time for all your gifting confusions. But even if not, Valentine’s day is just an excuse for us to make each other feel special. But do we really need such days for all this. May be because we are entagled in these hectic life routines. But these gifts don’t need an excuse of any day- get them whenever you want, gift them whenever you like.

A penny for your thoughts!

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