draw a few straight lines,vertical or horizontal, thick or thin, single color or multiple- there you’ve it- STRIPES! Simple patterns like stripes can bring about a whole new look to a home. Here is our round-up of striped products. Bring them home and they would bring in a little definition and fun too! We’ve divided the round-up in three categories just for the ease of understanding their versatility.


The magic of red stripes!

|1|  Just two thick stripes of red on this single seater sofa breaks the monotony of the base color. The product still looks sober yet interesting.

|2| And three red stripes on the drum lamp shade is doing the same thing.

|3| Our very popular red and white stripes can never be out of fashion, how about using it in business stickers. 

|4| This ottoman would be perfect if you want to bring in a little casual feel to your living room.

|5| Just loving this bed pillow with traditional red and white stripes, making it chic by the use of thick grey piping.

|6| This striped red chair is perfect for your home or garden. Available in other colors as well as with arms rest.

|7| We forget to bring in details to small things, like instead of a boring spoon for your next get together or kids party, how about these striped spoons.

How about a few subtle touch of stripe?

|8| This vintage pattern striped cloth would never cease to impress.

|9| And how about this super cute handmade striped owl for your kids room.

|10| Even though it has stripes of yellow, this grey Beach towel has a solemn feel to it.

|11| This amazing tumbler is a must have, even if you don’t use it, it can always work as a decorative piece in your kitchen.

|12| Again, a must have- we’ve all seen this stripe as on this kitchen jug a lot of times at a lot of places, yet they never look boring.

|13| This traditional striped table linen would be perfect if you want to bring about a little sophistication with a little casualness.

|14| A drum scallop pink and white stripe lamp-shade works as a perfect accessory for the above look.

Throw some color!

|15| A contemporary bench for hallway, bed front or even garden would accentuate any look and feel that you are planning to give to your home.

|16| Simple straight Mediterranean sailor stripes of yellow and white on the cushion for a little playfulness.

|17| Walnut serving board with stripe just on one side is helping it break away from the usual ones, in style.

|18| Bring in more style and definition by adding this multi-color striped chair cushions.

|19| How about these striped taper candle beauties for parties or even gifting.

|20| Pick-up this beautiful wave-striped chair for your garden or pool-side and make your neighbor’s J.

|21| How about putting your kid’s candies in the striped flag candy jar?

|22| These smokey striped vintage glasses would be perfect for just any occasion.

|23| Bring in lots of color with these diagonal striped place mats.

|24| A plain simple tumbler made special by covering it with sea-grass stripes, a must have. Also makes it less vulnerable to breakage.

|25| And last  but not the least, to complete the whole look, decorate your wall with this amazing red apple with stripes.

We all have stripes in our homes in many forms, yet we know we can never get bored of them, and we always have space to accommodate more of them. We’ll be doing more of stripes in coming days and not to mention other patterns like zig-zag, polka dots, checks, etc. Please do share with us your views on stripes or any other pattern you love and why. Would love to hear from you.

A penny for your thoughts!


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