its Holi, festival of colors. We thought this time we would take a direct imspiration from colors- Holi colors are bright but they do fall in the category of pastels. Pastels are different, they are soft to touch and feel… and so they can have a very very soothing effect at home if used in not only paints but also in a few accents here and there.

|1| Many of us tend to relate pastels with kids, well we can’t deny that pastels do give a soft warm feeling; this set of 4 pastel chair and a table is waiting kid’s imaginitive adventure.

|2| Loving this art– how the inspiration of live, love, laugh, and learn have been brought about around trees.

|3| These pastel throw pillows can beautifully accentuate your kid’s room, girl or boy!

|4| Suitcases, esp. with vintage feel are becoming a fad- whether as center table or storage case- they are good to go in any form.

|5| This amazing wall side table is one of its kind- stands on two legs with support from the wall. The pink pastel is enhancing the look.

|6| The retro feel pastel purple chair has the capabilities of becoming a show stopper wherever placed.

|7| Give your home a warm feel with this pastel turquoise throw.

|8| |9| Add pastels here and there- throw pillows are best way to do it.

|10| Pink ottoman is sure to become a decorative accent more than a seating option.

|11| Have wooden cutting board, bored of it, don’t throw it, paint the edges pastel, learn DIY here.

|12| How one pastel color compliments the color can be seen in this teapot where the lid is pink and pot is teal!

|13| Simply loving the pastel enamel paint on these saucepans!

|14| How soft and pretty these transluscent silicone cupcake cups look!!

|15| These are not necessarily for your kitchen, but we’d love to have something handy in the kitchen too, so why not something pretty. In these notebooks you could write your recipes or your grocery lists or even your future dreams & plans that come in mind while cooking!

|16| If you love pies, you’d instantly love these piecrust cutters. You just need to place it on the dough, press firmly to cut the egdes and then depress the spring to have the beautiful pieces for your pie!

|17| These are great show-offs for your get togethers- you can serve ice creams or any others desserts in these pretty pastel cups!

|18| You can have these set of four spatulas too in your pantry to complete the all pastel look.

|19| These trays would be a great accompaintment to those pastel cups!

|20| These are Lace Doily Pastel color polka dot for Scrap booking or card making, but how about using them as placemats– they are so lovely, won’t they make for an amzing set!

|21| Who doesn’t love Jonathan Adler- this photo frame looks amazing in bright pastel blue.

|22| If super markets start giving stuffs in these amazing pastel colored paper bags– they might always find us their store!!

|23| Beautiful set of three vases in pastel shades.

|24| How thoughtful are these multipurpose pastel colored buckets. Place them in kitchen for your cooking tools, or place them on your work table for knick knacks- do whatever you want to do with them- they would only make your place look good and neat!

|25| Another something for your shelf or desktop- bright purple pastel bookends!

|26| Bring home green with these picture perfect planters with leaf motifs.

|27| How about the usual distressed planter in half and your favorite pastel shade on the other half- cool idea!

|28| Now, who would have thought we can have even our cloth pins in the shades of pastels!

|29| What would you like to treat your family with in these cool pastel bowls?

|30| These pastel planters would be a great patio or entry way accessory.

We all have pastels around our homes. We most of the times overlook them, undermine their effects and don’t exactly know how to use them. Identify pastels around home, give them an aura and see their beauty come out. And if you don’t have any, this round-up can come handy!

A penny for your thoughts!

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