Beautiful Plants and Planters!

now that we’ve learnt a bit of styling around a plant and have also spotted places to keep them around our home, how about a bit of shopping for planters? I hear some of you say, why, we’ve beautiful plants and are well potted, but stop. Don’t take your decision without having a look at today’s round-up. We’ve selected not 10, not 20, not even 30, but 45 amazing pots and planters for you. There is something for everyone, you’ll definitely be inspired to change that planter of yours. The round-up is divided in 3 weeks time on every Thursday.

Today’s round-up, as you can see, is of planters in set of three. They are all different in materials, textures, colors and the whole look & feel….Happy Planting!

|1| Two medium used in this set of three planter, while the pot in ceramic, they are supported and kept together by a simple aluminum sheet.

|2| Again a set of three beige herb planter, this time kept together by a perfect sized tray under them.

|3| Three colorful planters to bring in a little zing to your small garden that you love!

|4|  Simple yet  attractive ceramic square planters. all three in different – bigger than the other and all in different bright colors.

|5| Very chic looking set of three hanging planters. glazed finished, all in different colors.

|6| In a similar format as above but these with a base to be placed on top.

|7| Aluminium planters of different sizes with 2 handles, perfect for your small garden or even balcony.

|8| Different size of beautifully textured planters, in white cement.

|9| Set of three copper planters, oxidized beautifully.

|10| Three terracotta planters with a different take-  simple rectangular shapes, in different sizes.

|11| Love this subtle teal planters available in 3 sizes. It can easily deck up any garden with its beauty.

|12| It is interesting to note how with surface texture and finishes, these set of three planters, all of different shapes and sizes are brought in sync.

13| Amazing find these planters with seal stamping. The dull yellow goes perfectly with the look.

|14| Why not bring home these raw wood finished, square in shape, tapered towards bottom planters for a perfect woodland theme for your garden! 

|15| Painted planters in different shapes, perfect for those succulents are a must have.

A set of few planters is a good idea especially when you can’t think of many ways to arrange the pots and in some cases save spaces making them look more organized.

Which set is your favorite amongst these? There are more round-ups of planters in the coming weeks. Till then…

A penny for your thoughts!

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