as promised last week, especially for you we have rounded-up amazing grey planters. The more you see them, the more you want them for your plants. In the first instance, it’s not very easy to imagine plants in ash planters, but very soon you’ll realize their marriage is in complete harmony…. 

|16| This first one is our favorite. It’s for a single plant and is a complete package in itself.

|17| This set of three planters with two bold stripes around it, is great for bringing in a little definition to the space or corner.

|18| Again this set of three square planters would bring in a newness you are looking for in your home.

|19| The striking design of these large planters give an impression of one pot kept in another. It would suit your garden space if you are planning to plant a few large plants.

|20| This felt-planter is an amazing find for the material and purpose. How one thing is brought in sync of something it’s not thought for, can be seen and loved with this planter.

|21| This crude-finish rectangular planter is perfect for growing small heighted plants

|22| Again the boat shaped planter would go perfect on your living room side-board.

|23| Love this two shaded diamond tapered planter.

|24| & |25|

These planters in set of two, are quite easy to fiddle with, as they would look good any where you keep them. But do keep the couple together.

|26| These set of six galvanized planters kept together by a holder is ideal for small plants. You grow same plant in all or different is completely up to you. It is just the thing for your space in balcony dedicated to plants.

|27| Set of five cube planters in different sizes, is a wonderful package. These large set of planters is ideal for garden spaces or office or can ven be used as privacy setting.

|28| |29| |30| |31| |32| |33| |34| & |35|

These single pieces are all a work of art and need special attention just like your plants. Don’t take them for granted and place them at prominent corner of your home. These planters come with a promise to beautify your homes.

This week marks the last of our theme- Shades of Green. Nonetheless, we would keep bringing our attention back to plants and planters time and again. Hope you had fun with this round-up of grey planters and how they would go with almost any kind of decor. Don’t forget to check out Part 1. We’d bring in our last set of finds next week which are our faves. So, do stay tuned. Meanwhile, do tell us which one of these are your picks and why?

A penny for your thoughts!


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