Modern Designer sofas- Angular!

Add an angle and the result is contemporary!

Have you noticed this? If we add a little angle to our products, we get a more modern looking result. And if we round up the edges, the outcome is even more promising. Well, this is no set rule that we are talking about and not all products having angular design necessary look modern. This is just a small observation that we were trying to make. Our finds today compel us to think more  in this direction. Today, we have a small round up of beautiful yet contemporary geometric sofas.

Frigg Sofa by Marianne Kleis Jensen

The honey comb quilted sofa  seats not more than two people. Perfect when you just want a quiet, cozy time snuggling up.

Chopin Sofa by Tomek Rygalik for Comforty

Two things here- how it splits to become two seating one person in one half and two in the other. Asymetrical design makes it a clever furniture piece.

Isobel by Michiel van der Kley for Artifort

The angles here are smooth and result more effective.

3angle Sofa by Grupa for Prostoria

We are loving this beautiful angular sofa also available in gray.

BR 02.7 Slaapbank Sofa by Martin Visser for Spectrum

This sofa was designed  way back in 1950’s and has been in production since then. So imagine how loved this sofa has always been. This is a perfect example of how it’s not necessary that a product is designed in our times for it to be contemporary. A modern approach is something that always stays fresh. And we absolutely applaud this design.

Hope a small yet amazing geometric sofa roundup is a great inspiration for today. Sometimes these awesome designs intimidate us, but if we look closer, they aren’t that unapproachable after all.

geometric sofa prepost

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