What’s love for you?  Is it something you feel for your soulmate? Do you feel your parent’s love is the only true one? We are in a mood to get a little philosophical today…

Well, love for us is happiness- happiness in seeing our loved ones, being able to spend time with them , capturing the moments as memories for later on in the form of photographs. Happiness can only be present where there is love.

Now, it can also be a love for your mobile phone, how happy you were when you first bought it, love at first sight, wasn’t it? How happy you are when you connect with your friends through it! It can be an immense love for old stuffs, souvenirs, etc. So, much that you can’t seem to let them go off.

Love is your work if it makes you happy. Love is for your child for it makes you proud and smile. Love is for your mom’s old pullover that you feel warm in, in extreme cold. Love your grandfather’s watch(that doesn’t work anymore). Love is home decor stuffs, that amaze us with their charm.

Love ≈ Happiness 

And so our new theme- ‘all for the love of love’ dedicated to the feeling of happiness.

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