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All Gold Home Decor Accents!

gold wants us to be really bold if we want to use them for decorating our home purposes. Don’t worry we are here to ease out exactly that. We have rounded-up a small selection of ten gold products today. We have put them in a living room scenario- such that is very much practical and possible. The round-up has just gold products and how they are capable of completing a picture all by themselves.

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The wallpaper is used either to enhance the beauty of the things around or to balance the high intensity. Here, it is doing both. When using Gold in products, go for lighter shades in wallpaper. A matte finish shade on a shiny antique finish stand to illuminate the scene and brightening it more are the set of big small gold finished round mirrors on the wall.

|4| |5| |6| |7| 

We have deliberately selected this classic style cream-striped sofa with gold-rims- it is the largest of the decor products and balancing the look starts from here. The two kinds of throw cushion, one all gold and other one breaking the monotony with a little silver. It is very important to think through the texture and color of accents as they are quite handy when you want to either accessorize or deflect from any flaws. 

We also purposely avoided a carpet or a rug- Gold already gives a cozy, heavy feel, it won’t be a bad idea to have bare wooden floors when using gold. How about these gold sneakers? Any takers, or we use them as one of the accents!

|8| |9| |10|

A monotony can be broken even with a break on the style. The modern table is doing just that, a break from the classic styled sofa; adorned by beautiful slanted gold-shine candles.

And last but one of the most imposing feature is the all-gold side-board. It has great capacity to take the centre stage. Since we’ve already brought in texture on the sofa, we dared to bring in an all gold side-board, the other lager object after sofa to complete the All Gold Everything look.

Gold in home decor can have the tendency to look fuller or heavier, so avoid decking the room with lots of objects, minimal is the key.

All Gold everything: Listen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK2FqPNIT_U

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