now, that you feel a li’l comfortable with the stripes, how about bringing them to your bedroom walls?

On the wall behind the headboard 

Stripes work wonders if done behind the headboard. You can pick your style either from there or from the general look and feel of your room. It can be white + color vertical stripes or even white + lots of colors for that matter. Just make sure that other things in the bedroom is light/white and sober as bedroom should always have that warm feel and not loud (color wise).

Exceptions are always there

Of course there are exceptions, if you are sure about the colors and the pattern, you can always work it out around your requirement.


A two-three horizontal stripes can also be done, you can pick mid-tones from other colors around the room.

Another interesting idea

One very interesting way to do stripes can be sticking vertical or horizontal beats(different from wall color) on the walls at equal intervals.

Bright or subtle- your choice

Light beige is great option for stripes, if you are looking at something subtle. If you light bright colors, sunshine yellow can be an ideal deal. Striping just a small portion of the wall just above the headboard is a good choice if you don’t want to overdo it. And this can be as vibrant as you like.

We’ve lined up ten such interesting ideas that you might like to incorporate in your bedroom. Next time whenever you are thinking of painting your walls, don’t forget to give stripes a little thought. They are not very difficult to do + they look quite good bringing the long needed change to the look of your room. Leaving you with the ideas with uttering another word. Hope you’d enjoy!



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