How to Decorate around a Green Couch!!

going with the love for green, today we’ve selected a single seater sofa with green upholstery and how we can decorate around it. We call it Product Central, that is decor products around a comparatively larger product, in this case it is the chair.  Products are selected around a color scheme, keeping the chair in mind. Most of these products are available for you to buy, just follow the number link after the round-up.

|1| Our main Product the chair-it’s a wooden sofa(single seater) with plain Green cushions.

|2| So first we are decorating it with a green textured rug for the floor, this would bring in a texture that’s missing in the chair.

|3| Next is a Handloom throw which is helping personalize the whole space. A throw brings in a little casual feel to a space.

|4| Illuminating the area with a green base and a yellow shade lamp. This would break the dimness around the space not only with light but also through a little break away from the color.

|5| Now that the mood is set in, how about a Li’l glass of wine. This Wine bottle holder, is perfect to set the mood right.

|6| The basket with a lid can be used to keep any kind of daily trinkets.

|7| Candle works perfectly as a decor item as well a frangnance inducer.

|8| And to add to freshness naturally we’ve this beautiful yellow planter. Contrasting it with a green plant would be a better idea.

|9| The wooden frame would work fine for both a family picture(preferably landscape orientation) or a Mirror(whatever orientation we may choose).

|10| And lastly this beautiful flower vase can be used as a decor item without the flowers too. Though arranging a few of them in the vase is never going to be a bad idea.

So, this was our idea of how small accents can bring about life in our abodes. Do share with us your idea about the color green, the decor items or any other decor idea that clicks your mind.

A penny for your thoughts!

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