it is rightly mentioned in the editorial’s note that in earlier days- color wasn’t considered so classy. Times have changed, today most of us and not just designers and architects want fair color play around our homes Design Today September issue has just that in their kitty. Full of color, every page, every single product mentioned speak of how tasteful colors can be.

Vibrant colors, simple products!

In the section Design Stuff not only would you notice bright vibrant colors but also how simply by using these colors the products are transformed into quirky accents. We especially loved the Hand-printed mango wood trunk from Mother Earth. And price totally affordable for that kind of a thing. The next page aint going to disappoint you either. With its Owl glass vase from BoConcept and retro look table clocks from Renovation Factory- this one is a winner. The last one is our favorite for its full of rainbow colors. The hand-painted Italian leather chair from The Furniture Republic  is a piece of art that you can sit on!

Bring home some natural light

We love natural light and have been emphasizing  the importance of it in many of our posts. Design Today read our mind and did the needful. In the section Design Stop you’ll find great ideas to keep the natural light on as much as possible at home. A must see for anyone renovating or building new home and want lots of natural light flowing in.

Tranquil homes

Design At Home first sees a tranquil home based in Bengaluru, by MindSpace Archiects. The house covers both the sides- of shadow and of light where ever required. With its clean straight lines, this home has two levels. The living room opens to a verandah with a bio-pond where the evening tea-times can be enjoyed.  Design At Work has the office of Helion Venture Partners again from Bengaluru done by Gayathri and Namith Architects. The feel is designed with focus on the calm atmosphere despite the hustle bustle of the commercial neighborhood.

Enbrace those colors

The next two features surprise and assure us of colors, if intelligently used can produce really comfortable results even when the relation between two colors is not conventional. The first story features a home by Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat  of Stamberg Aferiat + Associates based in New York. Apart from great Architecture, we see immense use of colors everywhere, yet at no place it feels too much. The second one is a home of Interior decorator Marie-Liesse who abandoned city home  in Paris and designed her own in suburbs in a 1930 home. She chose fun youthful colors done by Architects Verdier + Rebiere in just three months. The kids room are designed around three colors blue, pink and avacado. At no place will you feel that colors scare her, in fact she has embraced them to perfection.

And others…

Other featured stories include one of Architect Simone Micheli for his family home set on a hillside in Florence, Italy; Unilever’s office Switzerland designed by Zurich based Architecture Studio Camenzind Evolution AG. It is rare to find the usage of so many colors and textures in an office. And lastly a useful info on color- how to choose right paint, trends, tips etc by Interior Designer Ankush Aggarwal

Do get your own copy- we are all fan of colors but not all of us know where, which and how!


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