today we are doing the first of two part review of Elle decor India August-September issue. The reason is not the 300 paged thick magazine that we can’t seem to finish. It is the matter of which it’s made of- elegant, stylish  beautiful homes; exquisite, glamorous decor products deck up the pages that we seem to go through again and again. We are also thinking of doing the last part first. Sounds good.


London home – colors & textures

Anyway, what caught our eyes while flipping the pages first was Matthew Williamson‘s London flat. You’d have for sure never seen something as quirky as his home, yet everything looks eloquent. There is splash of colors everywhere, but they seem so controlled. And textures, yes, don’t be amazed if you are urged to touch the pages to have a feel of them- they are attractive. And he says ‘I’m just someone who buys things for their home and put them together in a spontaneous, haphazard way!’. We say, “wow”!

Home Museum

We fly down to a Delhi home where every piece seems like a sculpture in itself.  This one belonging to an Italian diplomat and his Spanish partner, where  every piece is handpicked, collected over the years from all over the world and are class apart. The space is done by Interior designer Javier Barca.

Home or an idea book

Designer Krsna Mehta‘s home in Mumbai is bundle of mixed bag, from vibrant colors to unique patterns. While you’ll notice lots of colors, you might end up wanting more and more of them. Every niche and corner is done with great eye for detailing with many interesting elements. We feel it’s an idea book in itself- this home.

A comfy abode

Another London home finds its mention  for more reasons than we can cite. The welcoming textures and natural light, this abode makes you want to immediately shift there. Owners Mark Stobbs and Andrew Lock bring out their style quotient through this home which we feel is absolutely comfy looking. As Mark himself points out, ‘Its Victorian, it’s not meant to be minimalist, its meant to be lived in’.

Black, dark & handsome

Yet another London home needs mention, as its interiors are compelling us to change few issues that we’ve regarding black and dark interiors. It’s done by a mother for her son. Emma Rochlitzer tries to give it a masculine look with direct use of black and shades of gray and the result is overwhelming. Do check it out if you love black but are scared of using it around your home.

Issue focus- surfaces

Last but not to be missed at all are the detailed illustration of issue focus of ‘surfaces’. We say not to be missed because it ranges from fabrics to wooden surfaces and textures to leather finishes tp marble gloss. From squares to stripes to arbitraries. From stones to texture adaptations from nature. From mosaics to textured wall paint finishes. From porcelain to glass to wallpapers. From florals to graphics. The list is absolutely endless.

Hope, the last one is the reason enough for you to get your copy, though we are yet to mention the beauties the first half of the magazine carries. And we are sure you might get your copy before we do that!

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