Embroidered Lamps for Modern Times- A Test!

today, we have decided to bring embroidery closer to you in the form of accent which we all have in our homes- lamps. We’ve selected twelve interiors, two each for one embroidery work of which we’ve been talking about here and here. Two interiors each for more understanding of usage of same piece in two different set of settings. Our intentions will become more clear as we go….

Aari embroidered lamp shade

|1| We have picked this first beautiful modern home to go with our Aari work. As you can see the modern look is already balanced with a folk touch on the chairs, this lamp if placed anywhere will only accentuate what the designer is already trying to do.

|2| This bedroom scenario has light teal-gray on walls, curtains and other upholstery. We’ve picked the color of lamp stand from there. How about this Aari embroidered lamp shade to go with the whole look of the bed room.

Chikan embroidered lamp shade

|3| The sober room in the shades of beige and brown would instantly become a great union with this Chikan embroidered lamp shade and brown metallic stand. The Chikan work with white thread(predominantly used) on beige base.

|4| The same lamp with a wooden stand blends it way to this cozy white bedroom. The calmness of this room is in complete harmony with the Chikan embroidery work.

Kantha embroidered lamp shade

|5| Orange and blue always a good combination but can look repetitive. If used them with white, other than bringing in brightness , the decorating options increase too. Like, in the above room, we’ve various patterns and shades of these two colors but with the use of more and more white, we know we can play around decor. We are suggesting this Kantha work blue and orange shade with blue stand on the nightstand for this sun-sky bedroom.

|6| Placing the same shade with an orange table stand gives a completely new feel to the lamp and so it fits perfectly in this white dominant bedroom. This beautiful Kantha work shade can enrich the look and feel.

Kashmiri embroidered lamp shade

|7| In this bed room we see that instead of a wall, we’ve a wooden wall in dark teal. The color is contrasted and balanced by orange and white and we do the same thing with the lamp with teal table stand and Kashmiri embroidered shade in off white base.

|8| Again, this Kashmiri lamp shade would balance the look of this otherwise dark  room. We see that similar kind of effect is brought about in the cushions on the sofa and this lamp would be an ideal match.

Phulkari embroidered lamp shade

|9| More pastel shades can be seen in this bright colorful room. We’ve picked a floor stand matching the painting and brightening it more is the Phulkari embroidered lamp shade. 

|10| It is not necessary that the traditionally embroidery work can only be matched in a traditional home. We’ve matched this Phulkari embroidered work lamp shade in this ultra modern living room and we are sure it ain’t looking bad.

Zardozi embroidered lamp shade

|11| Zardozi work mostly has a bling factor to it. This modern bedroom can have a beautiful addition to it in the form of this Zardozi work lamp shade.

|12| Who said we can have shine matched only with shine, Copper, gold finishes always go well with warm colors like orange, yellow & red.  And that’s exactly what we’ve tried to do in this bed room. It’s a neutral colored room with seating accents in warm colors, the Zardozi lamp shade with bright orange stand is a perfect match for the room.

Hope this post and previous ones have if nothing helped us understand that these and other embroideries  stand as strong in terms of beauty and hard work as they did in earlier days. From our side it was a small effort to help this folk/cultural art alive and we would really love to see more of embroidery in our homes.

A penny for your thoughts!

The lamps are not real, they are created for understanding embroidery in an interior scenario.

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