Khadi– our very own khadi is getting quite popular internationally. Though it still has to go a long way. And if it is not channelized properly, it’ll very soon loose its original sheen. In fact, it’s good that people who are trying to keep the charkha spinning are opting for new methods for fast growing commercial world.  We just feel the intention should be good, of keeping it alive. Anyhow on Gandhi Jyanti( Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday) ) we’ve rounded up such products of everyday use for you to see. Not only do we truly love them, we also want it to have its fair chance of creating a place forever in your hearts too…Most of the products have that ‘Khadi’ feel to it and not exactly how we know of their appearance.

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Enhance lifestyle Khadi way

Khadi has adapted itself in many different forms from saffron colored chair cushion upholdtery to wall hangings and placemats as can beeb seen above. Khadi feel bags have been around for a while.

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Jute, khaki, terracotta- KHADI

The khaki colored rug can be great over any sofa. Now that plastic bags are banned, going back to khadi bags/jholas is a good idea. And how about those ‘kullad ki chai?

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Our good ol’ indigo

After beige and brown, indigo is also one of the favorite color for khadi feel. It can be a typical khadi look throw a little rustic or a little polished one. Loving those floor cushion and of course the chappals/slippers.

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Non-home decor products

These of course don’t fit into a home decor website, but seriously we couldn’t have missed these for three reasons. These Khadi Gramodyog Products, Loving the colors and most of all love the packaging of khadi oil.

The look & feel of khadi is being liked and adopted. We just feel, there can be more options of original feel in many products. we hope to do that someday. Once again a very happy Mahatma Jayanti to u all.  

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