In our hands for about a week now is neat and chic Good Homes August issue. There are many reasons why we picked the magazine, the first of our August reviews!

It starts with Good News, an amazing selection of products for your home from tableware by Villeroy & Boch to Nirali’s sink with lids,  from comfortable Ruby mattresses from Sealy to lamination ideas from Associate Laminates beautiful to floral home decor accessories by Trays and Bins to rain-like shower by Grohe, it covers all corners of your home.

The other stuff that caught our eye is from a feature on a newly opened show home in Delhi by Nitin Kohli and co-partner Sadhna Walia Bhasin. Along with this another showroom featured is One & Only based in Gurgaon – the store mainly focuses on carved  wooden furniture, a must watch for all those who can’t seem to stop loving the material.

In the section Market place– we love the small yet beautiful collection of lamp shades. And we truly adored the pretty aqua-blue home decor objects.

The issue focus is flooring options and ideas. (Which we too feel can play a very important role in how your home looks, In fact it starts from there.) Anyway in their section Art of Living, you’ll see many great textures and patterns of floorings available from prints to floral.

Very interestingly put ideas on what method to choose and why before renovating a floor in the section Art of Living, with a wide range of choices from tiles to marbles, from rugs to carpets, from  painted floor to mosaics, etc.

Another feature we found useful was Monochrome. We just talked about black and white using them with our favorite color last week. Though this story deals with going completely black and white with interiors as well as product round-up, the feature just next to it talks about just that- orange with black and white and how they help in accentuating a color.

Some of the other highlights of the issue are White inspired apartment in Pune, an eclectic cozy home in Bangalore with bright colors, a beautiful showcase of interiors of a yacht and a featured home of Basins done  by Interior Designer Ravnit Kaur Sharma.

The magazine also comes with a supplement with kitchen solutions. So today on your way back from office, do stop by to get your own copy.

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