our bedroom is a place where we spend most of our time when home. Its very important that its comfy; and during winters its important to make it cozy too. The beautiful visuals of bedroom designs that you see aren’t very difficult to achieve. We just have to keep in mind a few elements and the kind of people its meant for in mind. Today we are trying to make it look, seem and easy to do affair. And since gray is one neutral color and works very well for a winter theme, we’ve chosen it as our central color.


|1| First and foremost is choosing a right wallpaper. Wallpapers, since they are the biggest entity of the room need be chosen wisely. Choose a little darker tone for the winter for that cozy look. (Nowadays its very easy to change wall decals and wallpapers)

|2| Deck up your mantel with memorablia, your souvenirs and pictures of your loved ones.


|3| Fireplace- i know, not all of us are lucky enough to have a fireplace(as we had talked about them here) If you have one, feel blessed, if you don’t get one. There are now fireplaces available that you can buy and get fixed. If that’s not an option too then you can build a faux-fireplace(learn here). They keep our rooms warm literally and otherwise too a fireplace will always be a ‘winter thing’.

|4| Hang your favorite painting on the wall for an extra effect.

Cozy bed

|5| Your bed is where you sneak in at night and don’t want to leave in the morning. Throw in lots of cushions, pillows and warm blankets.

|6| A small photo frame of your baby, spouse, together, by the bedside can be an added doze of warmth.

|7| A nightstand should be placed near bed to keep your basic needs like water, some snack, medicine,etc, so that you don’t have to leave your bed lest you need any of them.


|8| Making your pet sleep in your room can be quite comforting.

Wooly Rug

|9| A rug, carpet is a must in the room to give it a more fuller effect. Choose a woolen one to keep the floor warm.

|10| Ottoman or pouf to keep your legs when you are relaxing on the chair works out as a good support.

Comfy chair

|11| A comfy chair in a bed room is a good idea when you just want to wrap yourself in your fave throw and read a book or listen to some music.

Throw blankets

|12| An old feel checkered throw blanket feels the best.(Our post dedicated to throws)

|13| Some dry wood logs for the fireplace. We suggest even if you don’t have one get these- somehow they seem to evoke a warm feeling.

|14| Choose a dim lighting- you don’t want a very bright lighting for your room.

|15| Last but not the least- old trick with a modern twist- animal sculpture or skin( obviously faux) The sculpture could be resin, pop or paper mache.

Any home is warmer if there is love flowing around. If there is no love, then no matter how much of external elements you put in, it won’t have any result. Anyhow, hope you found the tips easy to apply and source. Do share your cozy experience.

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