On the first look, we thought, no, this issue is not for us. Its talking about incorporating gold around the house in its issue special. Gold! But when we flipped through a few pages of Ideal Home and Garden, couldn’t  help but grab us a copy! The ideas revolve around bringing gold in our homes, in the form of wallpaper, lighting or accessories, it’s all there. You would surely fall in love with gold-colored lightings, the collection is endless. We also found useful how implementation of gold is made easier by ideas on balancing it with complementary tints and shades. The feature makes Gold easy and not as something to be scared of. 

A product round-up of evergreen color Black from a small mug to a large chandelier, is all on the platter. Second round-up of products in Shopping section of Vases is also a must before indulging in buying one to suit your home, the choices are many and the best part – quite colorful. A very useful information on something we touched upon last few weeks in our theme Green and its associations‘, is in their Garden section where they have laid down a few easy and essential tips for beginners on ‘how to’  of gardening.

Sneak peak of fabulously done home of Designer Niki Mahajan is a must read! You won’t be able to keep the magazine down, before you are done with looking at the interiors done so flawlessly. Get your copy now, before they go out of stock!

We love those interiors as they were very colorful, breaking away from the gloominess this rain has brought in. We’d rather pluck a rainbow and hang it on our walls. Having said that, starting today we are going to do just that in the coming weeks. Rainbow days it is!

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