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when talking about rainbows, we absolutely can’t afford not to talk about kids. That cloud guarded rainbow appears just for those kids. So we’ve picked up some simple-to do interiors and some amazing stuffs exclusively for kids. It’s a great refreshment for parents while decorating their kids’ room as they can bring out all of their favorite colors and splash it onto their kid’s bedroom, but halt, it is very important to understand what your kid wants, likes, dislikes. Some kids don’t actually like a very childish looks for their bedroom. So check out some simple interiors we’ve sorted from old magazines just for you!

Whites + a dominant colors

|I| In this Bedroom, you can see the dominant use of orange balanced with white. The other colors are thrown here and there. This bedroom is suitable for both boys and girls alike between age group of 8-14.

Neutral + single color

|II| Again, in this bed room too orange and white are the main colors. The use of orange is comparatively less and it is apparent by its treatment that its meant for children from the age group of 14-18.

Less to invest, not to worry!

This bedroom uses red and pinks, is very very simply and easily done interior. It’s a good choice for those who don’t want to invest much for the kids room. It’s done up by the use of a playful poster hanging, a large heat pillow and a few soft toys placed here and there.

Pink for Girls- Still On!

An obvious girl’s room just by using the color pink- in the upholstery, curtains, bedspreads, wall color, rug, etc. Advantage of such a treatment is that at any given point in time, you can redo the whole thing in different colors and it can be used as a different room altogether. You can note that the use of bed and nightstands are quite basic.

Segregate work, play, sleep

This room as you can guess is for two siblings. The study and the sleep areas are wisely segregated from each other. Different color treatments on the walls are given to those areas. 



Enjoy the blue round-up of kids stuff by Vividha kids’ Products|1| – |8| from small chest to lamps, storage bins, from white board slates to photo frames, hooks, etc.

And yet another selection of interesting kids’ stuff by Hindware|9|, FCML|10|, |12| & |15|, Vividha Kids’ Products |11|, |13| & |14|.

Hope you enjoyyed the rainbow day we tried to create for the kids. Will bring more stuffs for kids tomorrow and in our future posts, rainbow day or not!

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