Obsessions- Temp Cube shower curtain

I love things translucent. They leave a space for question, mystery, dreams. Spotted this shower curtain from BedBathMore.com. I would love this exquisite dreamy feel for my bathroom. This clear 3D shower sure brings a look and feel of elegance too. So forget your plain or flowery ones- get a Clear cube shower curtain home the next thing.

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More Info

Available at : bedbathmore.com

Priced at : INR 1295/-

Color/Finish : Clear

Material : PVC material

Size : 180cms x 200cms

Why we chose what we showcased?

Whatever the color scheme of your bathroom, this Cube shower will go with it.

Our rating : 3.5 Chevrons  ^^^ `

Final words, RHD says: Go for it!

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